Feld & Volk Boutique

Interior design

The first Feld & Volk offline store is based in Novinskiy Passage, Moscow.
It had to be about luxury but not too much. So I ended with black color, dark wood and gold accents.

Markus Pastry Bakery store

Website & identity

Markus Pastry is an online cakes and almost everything else sweet store.
Custom made on Shopify

Feld & Volk Handcrafted


This visualization was made before the official iPhone 6 presentation, thanks to guys behind Feld & Volk who managed to get one before any other did.
There is also a website we made for them with Stas Polyakov and a lot of other stuff. More about it a little bit later.

Brown Fox & Lazy Dog Cafe

Interior, graphic design

I was asked to make new interior project for this cafe when they moved from one place to another. A lot of menus and stuff were made since we started to work together.

Peugeot 301 Promo-site

Modeling, design, art-direction

Promo campaign for new Peugeot 301. Users who made the longest trip on this website could win some good prizes. Every user had only one tank of gas and by inviting thier friends they could get more gas which means longer distance.

Jack-Jack Woods Personal project

Design, modeling, programming

This is my idea of simple yet interesting and customizable furniture. Every item is made specially for it's future owner, who decides what color every part of it would be.
Project is on hold right now.

Ferrero Rocher New Year 2014

Design, art-direction

Ferrero Rocher is flawless as the Christmas New Year tree ball which everyone could make and present to their friends on this website. Winners could receive real-life balls they created and other presents from Ferrero.

Stand-up Test for MTS

Design, art-direction

Promo-site for MTS new data plan. Russian almost celebrity led user through the test "How internet sees you?" and answered on this question in the end.

Eatme Detox Cafe

Design, programming

It was planned as a healthy food startup, but never made it for some reason.
Only logotype and a website were made.

Weary Eyes Website

Design, programming

So my friends asked me I suggested my friends to make a website for their band. Don't know why I made it, but it came up pretty good in the end.

Amstel Little Amsterdam


A little bit of activity on facebook and you can get a glass of Amstel beer at a bar by simply putting your office pass card on the Amstel terminal.
Users earned coins on a special facebook page and exchanged them for a beer.

Youaresolate Watch concept

Design, modeling, programming

That's a watch concept with rotating plates showing the time and a simple website to explain how it works.
Production and R&D costs are so high for this idea, so it never gonna make it.

Honda Russia Website

Design, art-direction

Corporate website for Honda in Russia. They loved it so much that used promo-block from it as a template for billboards later.


I'm an art director, former designer and flash developer from Moscow, Russia.
Currently I'm looking for new interesting job. Earlier worked at RCG, Mosaic, Alt Space, Proximity BBDO Russia, Jami, Red Keds, TNT-Network and several other good places.

Cases you've seen above are my favourite ones. This doesn't mean others are bad, just I don't want to bother anyone with scrolling way too much.